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David DeJonge Bio

David Jon DeJonge, American, 1968.

(Last name pronounced: Dee Young)


David DeJonge was raised in a small farming town, Hudsonville, Michigan where he graduated from Hudsonville Public High School in 1987. He has purposefully steered his life from hayfields to ringside seats of history while photographing individuals who have literally changed the face of global history and culture. In his photographs he explores the depths of color and composition to create a profound style that is completely his own. His unique work compels the viewer to return again and again to the image, always discovering something new and meaningful.

Who’s Who in the DeJonge Portfolio…

DeJonge has created portraits of such influential people as Dr. Henry Kissinger, Newt Gingrich, Amway co-founder Richard DeVos, John Bissell, Former Ambassador to Italy Peter F. Secchia, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, F.W. deKlerk (Nobel Peace Prize recipient and former President of South Africa), Madeleine Albright, Jesse Jackson, Edsel B. Ford II, JC Watts, Rich Little, Richard Thomas (John boy from The Walton’s) Presidential candidate and Senator John McCain, Presidential Historian Richard Norton Smith, FOX news correspondent Chris Wallace, and Norma McCorvey more readily known as Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade. An additional career milestone was creating the last portrait of United States President Gerald R. Ford before his death.

Additionally, his work has been featured on: ABC, BBC, VOA, Stars and Stripes, The Los Angeles Times, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, AP, UPI, Reuters and shown on “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos. His hypnotic images deeply reflect art, religion, society and the human psyche. This powerful combination compels the spectator to look more deeply within than at the impression they are observing.


DeJonge has been a photojournalist for nearly 25 years working for the Grand Rapids Press, Associated Press and as a contributor to Parade Magazine, Weekly Reader, Encyclopedia Britannica and many other magazines and newspapers. In his role as a journalist he has written stories for Military Heritage magazine, the Pentagon, the Army and is in the process of writing several books on iconography, World War One and marketing. He has received dozens of awards for photojournalism on state, national and international levels. His documentaries have taken him from the Arctic Circle to England and all across North America. 

Public Speaker…

Through such diverse interactions DeJonge has developed excellent communication skills and the ability to work with subjects and people at every level from Presidents of the world to the homeless on the street.

DeJonge is featured frequently on news interviews and speaks across the United States. DeJonge has spoke in the Pentagon, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, The National World War One Museum, Schools, Colleges and addressed a variety of organizations.


DeJonge is a committed patriot and has been married for 23 years and has four children. He continues to work diligently as an inventor, writer & advocate for those in need whether homeless, veterans or emotionally scarred by traumas in life.



Subjects discuss David DeJonge’s photography:




  • Secretary of Defense Robert Gates: “I want to compliment photographer David DeJonge on his artistry and thank him for his dedication in bringing the project to fruition.”
  • Edsel B. Ford II: “David DeJonge is the greatest photographer on the planet.”
  • Newt Gingrich: “Anyone looking for traditionalism in their photographs but still desires a distinctiveness that will separate them from the rest will find David DeJonge the perfect man for the job.”
  • President Gerald R. Ford: “I deeply appreciate your super portrait. Both Betty and I love it. Congratulations on your fine work.”
  • Nobel Peace Prize recipient F.W. deKlerk: “The portrait you did is a magnificent piece of work, and whomever has seen it has nothing but great admiration for your work.”






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