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Why DeJonge Studio?

David DeJonge began as a photographer in 1987 and has progressed to be one of the finest photographers in the nation. We are based right here in midwestern Michigan with service to DC, NYC and Paris. We love it here and are thrilled to use this as our base camp for our local and international clients. Here are 10 reasons why you will never regret our services:


1) We guarantee everything: our prints, our service and your satisfaction.

2) Our satisfied clients are the primary source of advertising so we treat you like gold.

3) Archival prints that last longer than any other.

4) For our high profile subjects, we offer a 'closed loop' system for private portraiture to protect your images.

5) Industry setting standards of quality.

6) Diverse subjects constantly sharpen my skills.

7) I use the finest equipment money can buy.

8) Your purchases go to help several great causes like veterans and homeless awareness.

9) American made products are chosen whenever possible.

10) Local jobs are created by using DeJonge Studio.


We appreciate you visiting our website and David would love to talk with you about our services. Consider us the manufacturer of old world hand made products using modern technology. We do have product pricelines that are applicable for many clients.


Call David today to inquire: 616-540-4922

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